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    Breanne Griffin

Struggling but Standing

It’s no secret it’s hard shit running a small business. Everyone tells you it will be when you tell them you are going to quit your 8 to 5 to do your own thing. I fail every day! I fail at little things and some of the big things. But every day I wake up knowing God has given me another day to try and succeed again! And nothing makes me happier than turning on the lights, putting the outfit of the day out, and making new connections with everyone that walks through our doors! Thank you to all of you for supporting us through the good and the bad! As our two year anniversary gets closer I start to breathe a little easier but will have one major hurdle to overcome before that happens. 

Schools out!!!! I never thought those two words would scare me so much. Before Roots 34, summer was all things good! Longer days and even longer nights, patios, tans, friends, lake and nothing but memories. Fast forward to opening a store across from a University and those words have a very different meaning. The most powerful being STRUGGLE. Especially in Lubbock Tx where the majority of the college students go home and those that live here leave to escape for vacations and weekends away. It’s a struggle every day to try and get enough people in the store so that we can survive. This is only my second time to experience summer and we know if we can just make it to football season we are golden! But every day that passes gets a little scarier and we have to get a little more creative on how to get all of you into the store! Which is a whole other STRUGGLE!

Today everyone is shopping online (except me). And I understand the importance of having an online presence so it wasn’t even a question we would have a website. But it’s not that easy, you have to get people to find your website and with a limited budget its takes creativity. So you spend hours on hours curating content for all the different social media platforms. Trying so hard to put together pictures that will inspire everyone to click and buy. But again that’s not enough anymore. Groups are the new way of shopping. To quickly highlight new arrivals and let you shop from there. So not only are we too busy to physically go to a store and shop but now we are too busy to even browse websites. SERIOUSLY?! We all deserve a little time to ourselves to enjoy the things we love.

I credit my mom for my love of shopping. As a single mom of three girls with no money to do fun things, that’s what we did. We went to the mall and walked around and looked at all the pretty things. Not because we were buying them, but we loved to touch and feel and just be out in the world. To her it was free entertainment for us. Over the years I still loved going shopping every Saturday with the bestie just to be out! I can’t imagine sitting behind this computer screen any more than I have to. But to each there own. I will continue to get creative and reach all of you in whatever way I can. So be on the lookout for that Group to come your way!

I encourage all of you to get out and go shopping! Walk around your town and explore all those local small businesses. I’ve got a few on my list and can’t wait to try! And for those in the LBK, South Overton is a great place to start ;) although I might be a little bias. But come on we have so many cute shops, and restaurants and now is your time!


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    Breanne Griffin

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